Zarbaf Product Group

3D Rug

Contemporary three-dimensional carpets, which are completely different in comparison to traditional carpets in terms of design and color, have established their place as great carpets among the multitude of different carpet types, and having even garnered their own fans.

Kid’s Rug

Since children spend a large part of their lives and thoughts with the different components of their room, the decoration within their room is very important. The carpet being one of the main components with which children usually establish a friendly and familiar relationship.

Modern Rug

In contrast to the busy and colorful designs of classic carpets, we use simple colors and designs seen in modern carpets, which have become increasingly popular in numerous carpet markets. This is due to the increase of popularity of such designs within modern architecture.

Lucky Eye Rug

In the culture of many countries, eye soreness or eye soreness is a category that many have believed in for centuries and solutions have been offered to avoid it.

Bath Mat

The main reason for Zarbaf bathmats being used in humid environments is due to the use of acrylic yarn and natural latex, making our bathmats resistant to bacteria and mold.