A different area rug

with 100% acrylic yarn and anti-slip

Contemporary three-dimensional carpets, which are completely different in comparison to traditional carpets in terms of design and color, have established their place as great carpets among the multitude of different carpet types, and having even garnered their own fans.

If your home decoration is arranged in modern styles, 3D carpet is a good option for you

This carpet is suitable for bedroom, kitchen, living room and corridor

Zarbaf 3D carpet, It is a combination of machine carpet and hand art

فرش های سه بعدی آبی

Mat & 3D Area Rug

Zarbaf 3d area rug, are designed and produced in various dimensions such as mats, circles, semicircles, rectangles, etc. The variety of designs and attractive colors of Zarbaf has made it one of the most unique carpets in the market. In addition to various dimensions, special shapes and forms also add to the appeal of these rugs. In fact, one of Zarbaf’s abilities is to produce rug with different dimensions.

Zarbaf, manufacturer of 3D and fantasy carpets and rugs


Non-slip, non-allergenic, non-mould